How do you develop a digital marketing plan for your business?


When you start a business, developing a digital marketing plan is an essential aspect so that you can best promote your product.

One of the mistakes thousands of entrepreneurs make is believing that having a good product is enough to make a company successful.

This is not always the case. Many companies fail precisely because of overconfidence in their products and services, forgetting that if they don't know it, it's hard for them to have interested customers in the future.

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  1. What is your company's digital marketing plan?
  2. 1) Market research
  3. 2) Determine the market niche
  4. 3) Determine the activities and tasks to perform
  5. 4) Create a budget
  6. 5) Establish accountability
  7. 6) Conduct regular monitoring

What is your company's digital marketing plan?

A digital marketing plan means that you identify different steps to promote your business. To this end, some important measures must be implemented to achieve the goal.

Among the main actions to take to develop a marketing plan, we can point to the following:

1) Market research

Before starting a business, you need to conduct market research to determine the target audience for your product or service.

A common mistake is trying to develop a certain brand by focusing on a product or service that is not adequately reaching the target audience.


This results in thousands of resources being spent on great potential products or services that are not known to potential audiences.

For this reason, it is important to conduct realistic market research to determine who will be the main buyers of goods or products in the market.

They also help determine whether the product or service is really appealing to the target audience.

2) Determine the market niche

Not all products are aimed at the same audience. Therefore, it is important that you identify yourself in the business area you are implementing.


For example, if your company's niche is motherhood, you should target your ads to meet that need. It wouldn't make sense to create an ad campaign for kids' diapers with pictures of people drinking, would it?

3) Determine the activities and tasks to perform

Every digital marketing plan needs to define the activities that need to be performed. For this, everything needed to develop a digital marketing plan must be coordinated with the working team.


In this case, these would be activities and tasks that must be completed over a period of time (a year in this case).


A practice:

Run promotional campaigns on social networks to introduce products/services


Design a social network
Contract advertising services (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.)
Rent space in 'influencer' stories related to company themes

4) Create a budget

After the activity and task lists are created, the company's costs must be defined.

For example, your business may need to hire advertisers, communicators, graphic designers, etc., which means investing.

You can hire these professionals through payroll or outsource the service.

Likewise, the tuning of ad services like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc. is also cost-related.

So, the great thing about advertising on Facebook is that you can segment your ads based on your market niche. Data such as age, gender, geographic location, etc., can allow ads to have more conversion options, such as: B. Purchase products, fill out forms, sign up, etc.

5) Establish accountability

A digital marketing plan must hold people accountable for execution. There must be collaboration within the companies aimed at reporting on their respective progress and results achieved so far.

6) Conduct regular monitoring

Once a digital marketing plan has been applied, it is necessary to monitor the progress of the activities performed. This is done to make appropriate adjustments.


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